Tuesday, 24 November 2009


My son told me the other day that he wishes he could just pass-by his childhood and start working... Immediately I look at him and said 'if your wish comes true, you are going to regret it, BIG TIME!!' hehe... strangely, I had the same wish, some 20-odd years ago... a case of déjà vu??

I think most of us would agree that the best moments of our lives were during those adolescent and care-free days... although there were some worrying moments during exams and being late to school or not completing our homework.. apart from that, I believe we could say that its party-time!! When I look back now, all memories associated with school days are sweet and special in its own perspective.. There were the weekly assemblies, lab experiments went awfully wrong (much to our amusement!!! and had a good laugh back then), 'tough' discipline teachers (o boy, they literally can make you pee in your pants!!) and so much more.... the tough times during school days were actually the best times!! & here we are, kept pondering those times with our former schoolmates (most connected via FB, of course!!)

Well, my son insists that he would prefer to skip school and start working.. He said that, then he could earn his own money and buy all the things he ever wanted.. I told him that I wish I could go back to school and be in my childhood years once more... He just laughed hysterically at me, for he could not imagine me being in a classroom and doing all other children would do... I said that, 'when you grow old, you will remember what I said, and perhaps will be saying the same thing to your children what I have said'... he continued laughing hysterically......

The conversation kept me smiling throughout the day!


  1. Those were the times when we were young and couldnt car less. Heheh

  2. yup.. Hehe.. Rebels without a cause...