Saturday, 14 November 2009

Photography - a prelude

My late father was my inspiration when it comes to photography.. In the early years, he would carry his trusted Canon (I'm sorry, I couldn't remember what model it was.. but it was an antique one, that's for sure!! :] ) He would happily took the pictures of us, the nature, much to our dismay because we had to stop our journey every now and then so that he could snap a few frames... Upon reaching home, he would then isolate himself in the 'dark room' & immediately processing the -ves.. Being too young to understand at that time, I would ask him time & time again what were the things in the room are for... hehe.. most of the time he would entertain me.. barring a few instances when he would chase me out of the room and locked it...

Looking back, I knew deep down that I resembled him a lot.. following his penchants for music and photography, among others... Its been two years plus since he has gone.. I still miss him.. Maybe one of the reason why I'm taking photography more seriously now is because it would keep the memories of my late father strong in my heart... I love you, dad...

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  1. We all misses someone bro. Only memories, remains.