Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Some Thoughts on Family Institution

A few weeks back I read an interesting article in the internet somewhere.. (please forgive me for my bad memory)... about marriage and responsibilities... The article mentioned that the pillars of marriage or a family institution, is based on love (in Malay, its appropriately termed as kasih-sayang) and not responsibility..

Everything you do, for your spouse, kids & other family members, you did them all because you love them, not because you have to do them.. If it has become a responsibility, it will be a burden.. and you will get sick and tired of burden... in the end, it may lead to the collapse of the family institution.

Often we hear and read in the news on why divorce cases are increasing... I do acknowledge the fact that we cannot generalise the whole situation.. There are many reasons why the rate of divorces are increasing.. but I can tell you one thing, having a family is no child's play.. patience and tolerance are high in the requirements' list.

So, for me, I keep reminding myself, no matter how difficult the situation or the problem is, always keep it in your mind that you are not doing it because you have to, but because you want to do it..

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