Thursday, 28 January 2010

The Stupid Malaysian, or the Couldn't Care Less Malaysian..

Found this on The Star today.. well, what can I say... I'm speechless!!

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Le Théatre - éncore

After years of hiatus, I was back at the theatre again.. & no.. I was not performing on stage (I wish I was.. hehe).. I was with me wife and kids watching the Red Riding Hood at Théatre du Léman, Geneva.. It did brought back some fond memories of Cikgu Azlan, Jani, Zaaba, & the rest of the guys.. I remember travelling the old STC green bus from Sri Aman to Miri - a 14 hours journey. Not pleasant, but a memorable one to say the least. I thought I broke my back when we finally arrived at Kolej Tuanku Haji Bujang, Miri - our designated 'motel' there..

Théatre du Léman

Coming back to the Red Riding Hood, I would say I was rather surprised of how 'interactive' the theatre in this side of the world is. There was constant feedbacks, sometimes spontaneous, from the crowd which kept the show alive. The crowd was sporting enough to clap their hands, do a sing-along, including yours sincerely.. hehe

Théatre du Léman - inside view

I must say that its was a whole new experience for me.. but most important of all, my kids love it.. so, I'm keeping my eyes out for other shows.. whenever they might crop up..

Tuesday, 24 November 2009


My son told me the other day that he wishes he could just pass-by his childhood and start working... Immediately I look at him and said 'if your wish comes true, you are going to regret it, BIG TIME!!' hehe... strangely, I had the same wish, some 20-odd years ago... a case of déjà vu??

I think most of us would agree that the best moments of our lives were during those adolescent and care-free days... although there were some worrying moments during exams and being late to school or not completing our homework.. apart from that, I believe we could say that its party-time!! When I look back now, all memories associated with school days are sweet and special in its own perspective.. There were the weekly assemblies, lab experiments went awfully wrong (much to our amusement!!! and had a good laugh back then), 'tough' discipline teachers (o boy, they literally can make you pee in your pants!!) and so much more.... the tough times during school days were actually the best times!! & here we are, kept pondering those times with our former schoolmates (most connected via FB, of course!!)

Well, my son insists that he would prefer to skip school and start working.. He said that, then he could earn his own money and buy all the things he ever wanted.. I told him that I wish I could go back to school and be in my childhood years once more... He just laughed hysterically at me, for he could not imagine me being in a classroom and doing all other children would do... I said that, 'when you grow old, you will remember what I said, and perhaps will be saying the same thing to your children what I have said'... he continued laughing hysterically......

The conversation kept me smiling throughout the day!

Some Thoughts on Family Institution

A few weeks back I read an interesting article in the internet somewhere.. (please forgive me for my bad memory)... about marriage and responsibilities... The article mentioned that the pillars of marriage or a family institution, is based on love (in Malay, its appropriately termed as kasih-sayang) and not responsibility..

Everything you do, for your spouse, kids & other family members, you did them all because you love them, not because you have to do them.. If it has become a responsibility, it will be a burden.. and you will get sick and tired of burden... in the end, it may lead to the collapse of the family institution.

Often we hear and read in the news on why divorce cases are increasing... I do acknowledge the fact that we cannot generalise the whole situation.. There are many reasons why the rate of divorces are increasing.. but I can tell you one thing, having a family is no child's play.. patience and tolerance are high in the requirements' list.

So, for me, I keep reminding myself, no matter how difficult the situation or the problem is, always keep it in your mind that you are not doing it because you have to, but because you want to do it..

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Photography - a prelude

My late father was my inspiration when it comes to photography.. In the early years, he would carry his trusted Canon (I'm sorry, I couldn't remember what model it was.. but it was an antique one, that's for sure!! :] ) He would happily took the pictures of us, the nature, much to our dismay because we had to stop our journey every now and then so that he could snap a few frames... Upon reaching home, he would then isolate himself in the 'dark room' & immediately processing the -ves.. Being too young to understand at that time, I would ask him time & time again what were the things in the room are for... hehe.. most of the time he would entertain me.. barring a few instances when he would chase me out of the room and locked it...

Looking back, I knew deep down that I resembled him a lot.. following his penchants for music and photography, among others... Its been two years plus since he has gone.. I still miss him.. Maybe one of the reason why I'm taking photography more seriously now is because it would keep the memories of my late father strong in my heart... I love you, dad...

Friday, 13 November 2009


Well, what can I say.. this blog account has been with me for ages... since the late 90's.. haha.. say whatever you want.. I acknowledge the fact that I have been neglecting my blog for over a decade.. not that I have nothing to write.... you might say that the urge and time to write were not there... & there were other outlets such as footballs on weekends both on the field and TV, roasted chickens, mamak restaurants, tomyam.. haha.. what can I say.. I'm a sucker for all those things..

well, now that I have been deprived of almost all of the above, time to start anew.. hehe... hmm.. let's see.. what should I write about...

That kampung boy is time travelling?? how dare he...

What?? time travelling?? haha.. its just a figure of speech really... at least in my context.. going from one place to another. Living and experiencing lives of other people in distant places, far from nasi lemak, roti canai, teh tarik, %&*? drivers, and the list goes on..

so far, I am enjoying myself.. apart from mountains of work, endless meetings... I got to enjoy a better pay, beautiful scenery ( a heaven for avid photographers!!! hehe.. aargh.. Mark II.. Mark II... wait till I get my hands on you.. ) and lots more... plus the snow!! hahaha..

Well I dare not write too much for now.. like I said, there mountains of work still left unfinished and its already Friday.. geeshh.. until then..