Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Le Théatre - éncore

After years of hiatus, I was back at the theatre again.. & no.. I was not performing on stage (I wish I was.. hehe).. I was with me wife and kids watching the Red Riding Hood at Théatre du Léman, Geneva.. It did brought back some fond memories of Cikgu Azlan, Jani, Zaaba, & the rest of the guys.. I remember travelling the old STC green bus from Sri Aman to Miri - a 14 hours journey. Not pleasant, but a memorable one to say the least. I thought I broke my back when we finally arrived at Kolej Tuanku Haji Bujang, Miri - our designated 'motel' there..

Théatre du Léman

Coming back to the Red Riding Hood, I would say I was rather surprised of how 'interactive' the theatre in this side of the world is. There was constant feedbacks, sometimes spontaneous, from the crowd which kept the show alive. The crowd was sporting enough to clap their hands, do a sing-along, including yours sincerely.. hehe

Théatre du Léman - inside view

I must say that its was a whole new experience for me.. but most important of all, my kids love it.. so, I'm keeping my eyes out for other shows.. whenever they might crop up..


  1. Dulu aku teringat ada citer kat TV, Panggung Bangsawan or something. Seriouly takut nak tengok.

  2. hmm.. yup.. betul. Mmg scary.. tapi once u're on stage.. lagi la, boleh naik sheikh.. :) nasib baik tak naik pelamin.. kuang3..